10 best apps to count your steps and calories for iOS/ Android

Health authorities recommend regular physical activity to prevent pathologies such as overweight, diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, etc. Your step counter is not only used to record your steps, but also to set challenges and boost you. Here are the 10 best applications to count your steps and calories. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Appstore.

StepsApp Pedometer (Android/iOS)

The StepsApp app turns your smartphone into an efficient step counter.
The main features of this app are:
* Step and calorie counting;
* Receive a notification when you have reached your daily activity goal; * No additional hardware required; * No need for a computer;
* No additional hardware required;
* Available in over 20 languages.

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YAZIO - Diet and Calories (Android/iOS)

YAZIO app is a calorie counter that includes powerful intermittent fasting methods to lose weight without dieting.
The main features are:
* A calorie counter with food tracking;
* Fasting countdown with more than 20 intermittent fasting methods;
* Delicious recipes and diet programs;
* Automatic activity tracking;
* Water consumption tracking with reminders.

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FITAPP Running & Footing (Android/iOS)

Track distance, time, speed, elevation and calories burned with the FITAPP running app.
Key features include:
* Weight monitoring and calorie counter according to your dietary specifications;
* Records time, distance and pace via GPS tracker;
* Voice feedback;
* Statistics
* HIIT workouts.

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MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter (Android/iOS)

Track your nutrition progress, fitness, weight loss and a water consumption tracker with MyFitnessPal.
The main features are:
* Track calories from over 14 million foods (restaurant dishes included);
* Search, add food from the history or barcode to scan;
* Automatic calculation of calories and consultation of daily progress;
* Breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in grams or percentages;
* Analysis of nutritional intake, specific objectives for macronutrients, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, etc.

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Pedometer++ (Android/iOS)

This step tracker is simple and accurate: it automatically tracks your daily steps, calories burned, distance traveled, time, pace, health data, etc., and displays them in intuitive graphs for easy reference.
The main features of this application are:
* Step counter counts your daily steps using the built-in sensor and saves battery considerably;
* Real-time map tracking;
* Use all features freely without logging in;
* Your walking data will be displayed in clear graphs.

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Sweatcoin: Pedometer & Walking (Android/iOS)

Sweatcoin is a new way to count your steps. This activity tracker converts your steps into a currency that you can exchange for gadgets, sports and fitness kits, services and experiences.
Key features include:
* Works in the background, without draining your battery, to count your steps, distance traveled and monitor your heart rate ;
* Get exclusive offers, prices and discounts you won't find anywhere else;
* Unlike other applications, this one does not track your location or share any information with third parties.
If you have a generous heart, you can exchange Sweatcoin with your friends or family and even donate to great causes via Sweatcoin for Good.

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Fddb - Calorie Counter & Diet (Android/iOS)

Download this free calorie counter and reach your goals in just a few weeks.
The main features of this app are:
* Free calorie counter and food diary;
* Huge food database with barcode scanner;
* Track and evaluate nutritional information;
* Create, track and share your own recipes;
* Evaluate your weight progress.

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Pacer: Pedometer & Walking (Android/iOS)

Track your steps, calories burned and monitor your weight loss with this free health meter.
The main features of the Pacer app are:
* An app that will automatically track your steps if you have your phone with you;
* Track your activity history: your steps, calories, etc. ;
* Track your weight, habits and more;
* Daily exercise plans for your health goals.

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Noom: Lose weight (Android/iOS)

Get the tools you need to lose weight with the Noom Coach app. This app is designed to teach you how to make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve your weight loss goals.
The main features are:
* A color-coded input calorie calculator that provides you with nutritional feedback;
* Extensive food database including popular restaurants and regional cuisines;
* Pedometer;
* Health and fitness articles offered daily;
* A support forum for users to interact, ask questions and share tips.

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Accupedo Pedometer - Step Tracker (Android/iOS)

Accupedo automatically tracks your daily walk and provides easy-to-read daily graphs and reports to monitor your steps, calories burned, distance and walking time.
The main features of this app are:
* GPS tracking of activities like walking, running and biking on a map;
* Graphs: easy to read daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports;
* Daily motivational messages and quotes;
* Customizable widget display modes: steps, distance, minutes and calories.

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