10 best audio experience apps for iOS/ Android

Stories for your kids and for you, podcasts, meditation... Whatever type of audio you want to listen to, there are plenty to choose from. Here is a list of the top 10 audio experience apps. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Appstore.

Alma Studio (Android/iOS)

Alma Studio is the number one screen-free audio story app for children ages 3-10.
The main features of Alma Studio are:
* Less screen for your child, since once the story is chosen, the phone or tablet screen turns off, to help them distance themselves from the device, and let the imagination take over ;
* Approximately three new stories are added each week;
* A secure, ad-free environment.
For even more content, you can subscribe to the monthly or annual subscription.

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Majelan - exclusive audio (Android/iOS)

Listen to the best podcasts, audiobooks, and exclusive series wherever and whenever you want.
The main features of this app are:
* Screen-free entertainment;
* Take care of yourself with audio for sleep, wellness or mental health;
* Learn and boost your knowledge on a daily basis;
* Over 70 themes to choose from.

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TaoZen - Relax & Sleep Sounds (Android/iOS)

Relax, focus, meditate or sleep with over 160 sound packs
The main features of TaoZen are:
* Stay motivated and track your progress with custom features;
* Choose from a regularly updated catalog of over 160 sounds;
* Constantly evolving soundscapes that cover various themes.

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Cafeyn - News & magazines (Android/iOS)

Access thousands of newspapers and magazines to read or listen to.
Key features include:
* Read daily, regional or international newspapers and magazines ;
* Find daily selections of articles;
* Bookmark or download articles to read later, even without an Internet connection;
* Browse the catalog to discover new articles.
There is a fee for this application. At the end of the commitment period, the subscription is automatically renewed.

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Bayam-Educational games for kids (Android/iOS)

Bayam is an application of educational games and rich and varied activities for children from 3 to 10 years old.
The main features are:
* Quality activities, online games, videos, audio stories ;
* A stopwatch to control screen time;
* Age-appropriate activities that can be done at home;
* A secure and ad-free interface.
You can add up to 6 children's accounts simultaneously for family use.

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Sybel - Your favorite podcasts (Android/iOS)

Experience the emotion of movies and your favorite series, without screens, with the Sybel app.
Sybel offers the following features:
Our exclusive storytelling podcast app lets you enjoy carefully produced audio content and original Sybel creations
* Discover audio stories and children's stories;
* Thrill to exclusive audio thrillers;
* Get educated with audio documentaries;
* Immerse yourself in audio novels and audio fiction.

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Petit BamBou: Mindfulness (Android/iOS)

Whether for 3 or 20 minutes, discover meditation at your own pace.
The main features of this application are:
* A wide range of free content, accessible without commitment;
* Learn simple techniques that will help you in your daily life;
* More than 40 different voices available, in the language of your choice;
* Over 2,000 guided meditation sessions.
The Petit BamBou application offers the largest catalog of meditations in French with themes such as sleep, letting go, self-confidence and much more.

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Welcome Originals (Android/iOS)

Every day, discover original video series, masterclasses, documentaries as well as exclusive and inspiring podcasts to boost your career and discover a new experience at work.
The main features of this application are:
* Discover video and audio series, documentaries and challenges to address the major issues in work today ;
* Learn from the best experts around the world;
* Watch your favorite content anytime, online or offline;
* Daily tips and online courses for your personal and professional development.
Welcome Originals is an application for those who want to learn, grow and be fully engaged in their careers.

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Headspace: Mindful Meditation (Android/iOS)

Take care of yourself with the Headspace app! Enjoy hundreds of programs and meditations for everyday life, for better sleep, music for concentration and tips for taking care of your health every day.
The main features of the Headspace app include:
* Hundreds of hours of meditation, in French, for everyone and on various topics;
* A space dedicated to sleep with sleepcasts, music to fall asleep and specific relaxations for the night;
* Techniques and music to boost concentration, creativity and productivity;
* Techniques to relax and calm stress.

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Calm (Android/iOS)

Calm is the number one app for sleeping and meditating.
The main features of Calm are:
* Learn to meditate with a new daily Calm ;
* Calm offers more than 100 bedtime stories;
* A rich music library;
* Soothe yourself and your mind with over 30 nature sounds and scenes to listen to while meditating.
Calm is recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts.

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