10 best free dance apps for Android and iOS

Some people know the basic dance moves and steps, but others are not so lucky. If you are also of them, you can very easily learn dance with these apps. No need to find and need a dance teacher or choreographer to learn to dance, you have these amazing dance apps right on your smartphone. These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Appstore.

STEEZY - Learn How To Dance (Android/iOS)

The STEEZY app is a dance studio on your smartphone or smart TV. Use STEEZY to learn how to dance step by step, at the pace that suits you.
Key features include:
* The professionalism of a world-class dance school in videos;
* Instructors to teach you how to dance;
* Step-by-step instructions to learn the moves and understand the techniques;
* Save your favorite classes so you can take them over and over again.

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Just Dance Now (Android/iOS)

With over 500 songs, enjoy the best music and dances from Just Dance without using a game console!
The main features of this app are:
* Dance to your favorite songs from your smartphone;
* Dance with players from all over the world;
* New songs and exclusive content are added every month;
* Create your own playlists with your favorite songs.
You can track the number of calories you burn in Just Dance Now directly on Google Fit.

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Everdance - dance workout (Android/iOS)

Everdance is an app that offers dance, fitness and home workout classes. Have fun, dance and get fit with workout challenges!
The main features are:
* At-home dance and fitness classes;
* Share your dances with your friends;
* Complete the 30 day fitness challenges.

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Koros - dance classes at home (Android/iOS)

Start with a 7-day free trial and follow pre-recorded classes, tips, and even a live interactive class with world champions, then subscribe and get full access.
The main features of the Koros app are:
* Enjoy classes streamed from the Koros studios;
* Complete each 8-week live class, practice what you've learned, and report your dance improvements and results;
* World-class instructors.

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LA Dance Project (Android/iOS)

The LA Dance Project app offers high-quality, inspiring dance content and classes for all levels and styles, with exclusive, live access.
Key features include:
* Individual dance training classes and new classes offered weekly;
* The ability to download classes and content for offline viewing;
* Exclusive offers to save on show tickets and festival packages.
LADP is a dance company and offers live access to all of their performances in their theater as well as many of their rehearsal sessions.

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Dance Reality (Android/iOS)

Learn to dance in augmented reality with the Dance Reality app. This app uses your smartphone's latest augmented reality technology (ARCore) to place footprints on the floor in front of you. Look through your phone to step on the footprints, then follow the animation to practice the dance moves.
The main features are:
* Virtual instructors appear to teach you entire lessons;
* Adaptive learning automatically adjusts the difficulty of the lesson based on your feedback;
* Animated footprints help you get in the right place at the right time;
* Choose between following and leading steps;
* Practice solo or in pairs.

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Vibz : Dance Tutorials (Android/iOS)

Learn to dance and film yourself alongside your favorite choreographer dancers, no matter what your level.
The main features of this application are:
* Choreographer teachers explain step by step the movements and the attitudes to adopt;
* Film yourself with your choreographer at your side;
* Share your dance with your friends.

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Shake - The Dance Game (iOS)

Learn your favorite dances and compete with the rest of the world. This application is only available on iOS.
The main features are:
* Discover new dances to learn TikTok trends;
* Import any video from your gallery and start learning the choreography;
* Choose your difficulty level.

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Pocket Salsa (Android/iOS)

Learn to dance salsa with over 100 easy to follow video lessons.
Key features include:
* Download and watch easy-to-follow salsa dance lesson moves from anywhere in the world, even without an internet connection ;
* Learn to find the rhythm of the salsa dance with the instrument tracks;
* Watch all the salsa dance video episodes of the Addicted2Salsa TV show;
* Learn and be inspired by some of the selected video clips of the best salsa social dances in the world.

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Learn to Dance Easily (Android)

Learn to dance step by step easily. This application is only available on Android.
The main features of this app are:
* Learn dancing step by step with video tutorials;
* Save your favorite routines to learn dance steps offline;
* Share your dance training routines with your friends;
* Learn dance from dance class videos in any language.

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