10 best educational apps for iOS/ Android

"Muscle up your brain", now that's an idea that may seem curious, when you know that the brain is not a muscle! Even if we can't really talk about "building muscles", the brain can be maintained and, with the help of adequate exercises, can develop and thus gain in performance. Here are the 10 best educational applications. These applications can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Appstore.

LinkedIn Learning (Android/iOS)

Grow your career with the LinkedIn Learning app. Master skills in technology, creativity or business by taking courses taught by experts.
Key features of LinkedIn Learning are:
* Access a growing number of courses ;
* Get personalized course suggestions;
* Download courses for offline viewing;
* Save courses to watch later and share courses with your network;
* Add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile.

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Peak - Brain Training (Android/iOS)

Peak is a fun and free brain training app that uses puzzle games and other puzzles to challenge your memory, language and reasoning to keep your mind active.
The main features of this app are:
* Free games that challenge you, usable in offline mode as well;
* Over 45 puzzle games and regular updates to keep you stimulated;
* Compete with your friends by comparing your brain mapping and game performance.
Personalized brain training programs are available with Peak Premium.

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Quizlet (Android/iOS)

Quizlet is the easiest way to practice and remember what you learn: create your own lists of memo cards or choose from millions of lists created by other students.
The main features of Quizlet are:
* Learn with memo cards;
* Access expertly reviewed textbook answers to solve your toughest problems;
* Share your lists with friends, classmates or students;
* Prepare for your exams with Learn mode;
* Learn English and other foreign languages.

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TED (Android/iOS)

Feed your curiosity and open your mind with TED Talks. Explore over 3,000 TED Talks.
Key features of the TED app include:
* Browse the entire TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages;
* Listen to all episodes of any TED Audio Collective podcast;
* Log in to your TED profile to sync recorded talks across all your devices;
* Download video or audio of the talks for offline playback.

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Khan Academy (Android/iOS)

Whether you are a student, teacher, adult, Khan Academy's learning platform is available to you for free.
The main features are:
* Learn everything for free with thousands of interactive exercises, videos and articles at your fingertips ;
* Perfect your skills, even in offline mode;
Your activities are synchronized with khanacademy.org, so your progress is always up-to-date.

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Koober : mini audiobooks (Android/iOS)

Koober is a mini audiobook application that allows you to learn quickly, anywhere and anytime.
The main features are:
* More than 1500 bestsellers, lectures & documentaries summarized in 20 minutes;
* A recommendation algorithm;
* Training programs and advice, called "practical guides";
* The ability to read and listen to content offline.

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Chineasy: Learn Chinese (Android/iOS)

Chineasy is an app to start your Mandarin learning, whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge.
The main features include:
* A fun learning method to stay motivated;
* 600+ mini-levels to learn, review and test your progress;
* Quizzes and challenges to master the language;
* Daily life content to help you start conversations with Chinese students or natives.
Both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are supported by this application.

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Tandem: language exchange (Android/iOS)

Tandem is a language learning app where millions of people learn from each other.
The main features of this app are:
* Boost your vocabulary ;
* Perfect your pronunciation with voice notes and audio and video calls;
* Master grammar with our correction tools and feedback;
* No restrictive schedules, learn at your own pace.

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Marmalade (Android/iOS)

No more travel and no more blocked days in training centers. With this application you can train on your mobile, at your own pace and according to your availability! In 24 hours or 30 days, specialize in electrical and building permits.
The main features are as follows:
* A simple and intuitive application to train and practice for the exams, consult memo cards and answer quizzes;
* Daily exam sessions, from Monday to Saturday, by videoconference or in one of the many partner centers in France;
* A teaching team and a network of professional trainers are with you every day;
* You can take your exam within 72 hours of registration if you wish.
The success rate is 98%.

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Minitopo - Cultural story library (Android/iOS)

Minitopo is a microlearning application entirely dedicated to culture.
Main features include:
* All tastes are in nature and especially in this library of topics;
* Share expert knowledge;
* Learn through stories, scenarios and amusing anecdotes;
* A micro-learning approach that proposes to learn regularly by small amounts of information.

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