10 best weather apps for iOS/ Android

Weather is very often included on our smartphones with the operating system. But many users prefer to have a real app dedicated to weather forecasting to better cope with bad weather and heat waves, or just to get additional details. Here's a list of the 10 must-have free weather apps. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Appstore.

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts (Android/iOS)

With the AccuWeather app, discover a map of weather conditions around the world, or watch your local weather on a satellite map and find the hour by hour forecast.
The main features of this application are:
* Local or worldwide weather;
* Forecast allergy spikes at major allergen sources;
* Hour by hour forecasts;
* Track live clouds and precipitation with precision.

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The Weather Channel (Android/iOS)

With The Weather Channel, get live local weather directly to your phone or tablet and prepare with live weather reports and radar maps.
Key features of this app include:
* Instant overviews, weather graphs and more;
* Real-time alerts;
* Latest weather news;
* All the local weather and temperature information you need;

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Weather & Radar - Storm alerts (Android/iOS)

Enjoy hour-by-hour weather forecasts for up to 15 days with the Weather & Radar app.
Key features of this app include:
* A weather radar and rain radar;
* Coastal weather;
* Weather alerts;
* Daily weather reviews;
* Weather news;
* Snow weather.

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Today Weather (Android/iOS)

Today Weather is an easy-to-use weather app that provides the most reliable local forecasts.
The main features are:
* Over 10 data providers;
* 24/7 forecasts including precipitation probability;
* Air quality, UV index and pollen alert functions;
* Weather alerts: strong wind, heavy rain or snow, storms;
* A weather radar to locate precipitation and estimate its nature;
* Rain and snow alert.
You will also find other useful information such as current temperature, humidity, visibility, dew point, air pressure, wind speed and direction.

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Weather & Widget - Weawow (Android/iOS)

Weawow is a free and ad-free weather application that has the particularity of being highlighted by beautiful weather-related photos taken by photographers from around the world.
The main features are:
* Detailed weather data;
* A simple and customizable interface;
* Customizable widgets;
* Weather notifications.

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WeatherBug – Weather Forecast (Android/iOS)

Observe the weather conditions in real time and find out accurate forecasts.
The main features of this app include:
* Live weather forecast;
* Dangerous Thunderstorm alerts to track lightning, and Doppler radar so you can track severe weather for your current position and all your favorite locations;
* An animated lightning map and in-app alerts when lightning strikes within 10 miles of your current location;
* Access the largest weather network with over 10,000 professional weather stations;
* Customize your favorite locations and save as many cities as you want.

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1Weather Forecasts & Radar (Android/iOS)

Ranked as the best weather app during the 2021 hurricane season, this app gives you hurricane alerts, snowstorm tracking, rain forecasts, today's temperature and 10-day forecasts.
Key features include:
* Get up-to-the-minute and up-to-the-hour temperature and rain forecasts up to 48 hours;
* Customizable widgets;
* Live radar and weather tracking: locate heat waves, gales, rain and hurricanes;
* Local forecast videos;
* Air quality index.
The app includes a sun and moon tracker and gives you sunrise and sunset times, moon shape and more.

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Yahoo Weather (Android/iOS)

With the Yahoo weather app, easily view the weather forecast by swiping the screen and always get the latest weather info.
The main features are:
* Photos that match the locations you select, at the current time and weather conditions;
* Detailed weather information, including 24-hour and up to 10-day temperature forecasts
* Interactive maps;
* Weather alerts and an indicator of humidity, UV index and probability of precipitation.

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Meteociel (Android/iOS)

With Meteociel, you are regularly informed about the most important phenomena with complete bulletins and live weather.
The main features of this application are:
* Be continuously informed of important phenomena with complete bulletins;
* A collaborative map updated by users and a live map;
* Talk weather, report live observations, or just ask a question to weather enthusiasts.

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The Weather Channel (Android/iOS)

Get your forecast, rainfall risk, videos, a weather comparison tool and more with this weather app.
Key features include:
* Customise your live forecast with your favourite content;
* The widget allows you to view the weather directly from your location;
* National, regional, departmental, overseas territories and countries maps from around the world;
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