10 Best Animal Simulator Game Apps

Do you ever feel curious about how animals live their daily lives? How they hunt, feed cubs, survive in the forest through fights and spend their time? Well, the way of living is very different for animals from us humans. They often face many difficulties daily which we cannot even imagine from the safety and comfort of our houses. However, smartphones have brought the whole world to us. By playing the exciting animal simulator games for iOS and Android, we can catch a glimpse of the wild. These colourful and cheerful games with exciting gameplay and smooth controls are not only enjoyable for children but also for adults. You can also educate yourself about animals and wildlife, which is a lot more interesting to do through games than reading a boring book. Here is a list of top ten best animal simulator game apps for you to play on iPhone and Android phone. You can install these games from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Developed by Turbo Rocket Games, WildCraft is a family-friendly, role playing simulator game. It is available on App store as WildCraft: Wild Sim Online, and on Play store as WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D. This game offers a huge 3D landscape where you can roam like a wild animal and explore nature. You may choose any of the many animal breeds like a wolf, fox, lynx etc. and start your RPG adventure. Start your family and customise your animal, as well as each family member by gender, name, body size, fur colour, eyes, bark and more. In a family, you can raise up to six cubs. Explore the 3D world in different sets of summer, winter, spring and fall and travel to unique places. Protect your family by battling against dangerous enemies and unlock fighting achievements. This online multiplayer game also allows you to play with friends.

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Cheetah Family Sim

Area730 Entertainment developed the action and adventure simulation game Cheetah Family Sim – Animal Simulator for Android, while the game is available on App store as Cheetah Family Sim – Wild Africa Cat Simulator from the seller Vladyslav Melnychenko. This game offers a huge and dangerous desert to explore. You can play this game as a wild cheetah. Find your mate and start a family to raise cubs. The family lives in a beautiful home which is their safe oasis. You can upgrade this home with shelter, king’s rock, a lake and ancient dinosaur Chee-Rex bones. Let your cubs play there while you hunt with your mate to feed them. Play with your cubs so they can grow faster and heal them in sickness. This game offers a beautiful day and night cycle with changing weather. Monster become stronger and faster at night, so be careful during hunting.

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Dog Sim Online

Another great animal simulator game developed by Turbo Rocket Games, Dog Sim Online is a game where you can live the life of a dog. Choose a character for you from your favourite dog breed and explore this massive 3D world to enjoy the online RPG adventure. Just like WildCraft, you can customise the dogs by gender and name. Start your family to raise puppies that are also customisable. The best part is that this game also allows you to unlock new breeds with coins that you earn by levelling up. You need to fight dangerous bosses to strengthen your dog so it can protect the family. By hunting specific enemies, you can level up and unlock fighting achievements. The multiplayer game lets you connect with players around the world. Cool controls like rotating, zooming and using the compass make it more enjoyable.

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White Tiger Family Sim Online

Developed and offered by Area730 Entertainment, White Tiger Family Sim Online is a beautiful game where the players can wander around in the beautiful and huge 3D world full of snow forest, green forest and desert as a real white tiger and live the wildlife. You can find a partner in this game and start a family to breed cubs. Teach your cubs to survive in the wild by hunting. Forty unique elements are provided for decoration. In the RPG style game, complete challenging quests to earn XP and improve your attack and defence with skill points. You can unlock special attacks by levelling up such as slash and sniper. Challenge other players from around the world online. You may also chat and become friends online and then take down strong bosses together.

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Lion Family Sim Online

When it comes to animal simulators, can your gaming experience be completed without playing as the king of the wild? Area730 Entertainment brings another beautiful game for Android where you can live of the life of a wild lion. Build your beautiful home in this RPG adventure game and raise cubs in your family. Unlock beautiful locations including forest, savanna, desert and island. In your lion clan, you can customise all lions. Hunt with your partner to support your family and teach your cubs to hunt. Players can explore this massive 3D online world on their own or with friends. Battling in the online game will provide you with the opportunity of being the best player in the server. You can challenge strong and dangerous bosses. Unlock achievements by attacking different enemies and completing quests.

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Panther Family Sim Online

Next, comes the turn of a ferocious panther. Again, from Area730 Entertainment, Panther Family Sim Online is a simulation and pretend play game where you can live like a wild panther. Roam around in this fantasy RPG game and explore huge and dangerous locations. Find your mate and start a family in your safe home. You can upgrade your home with amazing 23 items including heaven bridge, shelter, stunning lake, and ancient dinosaur Chee-Rex bones. You need to battle with numerous enemies like elephant, tiger, lion, gorilla, hippo, leopard, hyena and more. Unlock new locations to fight with new enemies. The game becomes even more real with the day and night cycle and unexpected weather change. Monsters become more dangerous at night, so you need to be careful. The night vision is going to be released soon for the players’ convenience.

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Cat Simulator – Animal Life

Developed by Pocket Games Entertainment, this game is ideal for people that love cats and want to get a pet. In this virtual cat simulator, players can live the exciting life of cats in their Android phone or tablet. Live like a real cat, start a family and make friends with cats online to play with them on your leisure. This game also allows you to learn new things about your favourite cat breeds. Thanks to the multiplayer mode, you can create a cat clan with your cat friends. Level up your cat to unlock more breeds. Choose the gender and colour of your cat, give it a name, and provide it with clothes and accessories. Care for the beast as it grows up. You can complete various tasks, go on adventures, and battle with enemies in the exciting 3D world. All your personal and collective points are placed on the leaderboard.

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Wild Cougar Sim 3D

Enjoy the ultimate hunting experience with this simulation Game from Turbo Rocket Games for Android. Start the game as a wild cougar, leave your den and explore the massive world. Hunt wildlife like rabbits and raccoons to remain a healthy carnivore. Start a family to hunt together and improve hunting abilities. In this game, not only you can customise the cougar in the beginning, but you can also resize different body parts and even add personalised tattoos. The game offers such a huge 3D world that you can be lost in it easily. So, the developers provide a 3D map where you can rotate any way, use a compass, and zoom in and out. Be a part of the RPG gaming experience by hunting other animals both in daytime and night and make your cougars stronger. There are four islands in the game with eight dens.

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Mouse Simulator – Wildlife Sim

Enough with the big hunters, this fun game allows you to play as a little mouse and explore a large 3D world. You can customise your mouse with jackets, glass, hats and many other cool things. The game begins in a forest where you are alone, and you must collect resources to build a home. Developed by Area730 Entertainment, this simulation and pretend play game is family friendly and ideal for kids.
After building a den, the players can start their family and each member can be personalised. Build your dream camp and design each room. You can also shop for clothes, accessories, and decorations for your home. Finish orders by collecting resources. To obtain things, explore different locations such as island and forest. This game is still under development, so, it is a great time to play it and recommend your favourite features to the developers so they can consider implementing them.

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Furious Eagle Family Simulator

If you are bored on the ground, then why not go on a trip into the sky? Developed by Tap 2 Simulate, Furious Eagle Family Simulator is a game based on the life of a wild eagle in the forest. In the RPG survival game, you can be a wild eagle, desert eagle, or a sea eagle. Hunt on your own, with your mate or with your clan. Start your family to have beautiful baby eaglets. Fight against various animals including frog, crab, snake etc. You also must protect your nest and your family from other predators. This realistic simulation game offers a 3D wildlife with green environment and wildlife graphics. You must complete many survival tasks and fight against enemies for levelling up. Hunting and eating will help you to improve your health bar. So, become a furious eagle and ruin the forest in this game.

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So, what are you waiting for? Do not miss the fun, install the games now and start looking at the world from the perspective of an animal.