10 Best Hotel Booking Apps

When you look for hotel booking apps there is an overwhelming number of apps available on both the App Store as well as Play Store. This means many of these apps will help you find hotel rooms across the globe. These apps are a great way of bringing the world to your fingertips on your smartphones and other smart devices for your convenience and can help you to save money on vacations and trips. Some of the hotel booking apps are the ones which compare other booking sites to offer you the best deals and discounts like a third-party, while the other apps are by popular Hotel chains that allow direct bookings of accommodations. The best part about hotel booking apps is the price points and discounts, but it is also the fact that they provide last-minute deals and arrangements.


Trivago is a massively popular name in the travel and hotel booking category of apps. They claim to be the world’s largest hotel search and information providing website. The reason for its popularity is how fast and easy it can compare hotel prices gathered from over 200 third-party hotel booking sites across the globe.
Trivago helps users find hotels, motels, B&Bs by comparing top hotel booking sites. Some of the reputed sites include Hotels.com, AlphaRooms, LateRooms, Expedia, HotelTonight and many others. This app is not only here to help you spend less for a quality hotel but it also will help you pick hotels near attractions of your choice.
If you wish to save money on your hotel bookings and enjoy great deals for your next vacation, Trivago is the ideal choice. Download now to plan your future holiday plans anywhere on the earth, all in your preferred budget.

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Whether you are looking for budget-friendly hotel rooms or vacation rentals, Hotels.com has got you covered. All you need to do is sign in and they will keep you logged in at all times so you can conveniently search for hotels and view bookings.
The sign-in on Hotels.com helps you save all your favourite hotels in which you can later compare to make the best choice based on their price point and attractive features and amenities. It also allows you to keep a track of all the past booking you have made along with current and future ones even when there is no internet connectivity.
If you are someone who often travels without preplanning or believes in spontaneous trips, Hotels.com can help you with last-minute travel deals including flash sales, last-minute deals with Tonight’s Local Deals, 5% off on select hotels with promo codes and more.

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Agoda has is one of the Editors Choice hotel booking app owned by Booking Holdings. It is like any other quality hotel booking apps. It allows users to research hotel room prices and amenities best suited for your budget and target dates. Exploit their advanced filters and high-resolution pictures for the best experience.
If you are often the visitor of their website, you should switch to Agoda app as they claim to offer lower prices than the website. The app allows users to search and discover over 2,000,000 hotels, B&Bs, villas, vacation rentals etc, it’s all in your choice of currency and language preference.
Agoda is ideal for those looking for hotels strictly because their search features are immaculate, and their secret discounts are loaded with heavy discounts. They not only help you with accommodation but also allow you to search over 200 airlines for the cheapest and affordable flight tickets worldwide.

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The Kayak is another rapidly growing quality hotel booking app for you to check out. It’s again another app similar to Trivago and Travelocity available for both Android and iOS users where Kayak searches over hundreds of hotels booking and travel sites so that you don’t have to.
Kayak not only allows you to book your hotel and other accommodations but lets you organise all your travel plans in one place including airport terminal maps, security wait times, free flight status updates and more. And if you don’t wish to miss out on cheap and lucky deals you can create a hotel price alert and Kayak will notify you of the price changes.
Downloading this app is smart for users who book from their website because there are special private deals available exclusively for mobile bookings. Your search is made better and advanced with filters such as price, amenities, departure time etc.

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Expedia is probably one of those hotel booking apps and a website that has been this game for a long time. By far it has the most value to offer in the form of its reward program to its users, which is basically what everyone desires from a hotel booking app.
Expedia has all sorts of filters and sorting options that make it the most efficient booking app when it comes to narrowing down the choices for the ease of the users. Some of the sorting categories include price, deals, reviews distance from downtown, member price, rating, etc.
They are highly preferred by a lot of people because of all the real reviews other users put in on the app for better judgment of Hotels. Users are also rewarded with Expedia Reward Points on all their purchases and are redeemable. Not to forget their fun itinerary sharing feature to keep your travel buddies in the loop.

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Travelocity is one of the very popular name when it comes to hotel booking apps and websites. It’s ideal for discovering hotels and combining the packages of your car rentals and flight tickets. The app has a very similar functionality at Trivago. It helps users by comparing their search results amongst other big names under the booking services category including Hotels.com, Hotwire and Expedia.
An exciting feature Travelocity has to offer is the experts’ recommendations section. It’s perfect for travellers who are uncertain about availability in a particular area or location. You can use this app to find nearby hotels, inns and motels simply by viewing the map view they offer.
Travelocity not only handles hotel bookings but also assists with activities such as booking attraction tickets without the lines, booking local tours, airport shuttles and more. This app also has an itinerary sharing feature which means you can share all the details with your travel companions or family without extra efforts.

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The HotelTonight app is a reputed and growing name in the hotel booking apps industry. It’s ideal for those travellers looking for affordable hotel rooms and other accommodations throughout Europe, America, Australia and more.
If you are in search of quality last-minute deals and hotel booking provider then HotelTonight is the first choice to make. Their simple and easy “three taps, one swipe and you’re booked!” method is not only convenient but allows people on the go as well to book rooms while they’re on their way to a certain place. This makes the app ideal for nomads and impromptu road trips.
HotelTonight has been Play Stores Editor’s Choice. The app’s filters allow you to search by map location, city and attractions. A fun feature one cannot forget to exploit is the feature where based on your current location you can obtain extra discounts and better deals. You can find these deals on your map marked green in colour.

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A feature that makes it highly preferred is that it allows users to discover high-scoring and high rated hotels at affordable and even cheaper rates. Some of the other filters that you can avail to target your search includes the quality of the Wi-Fi, type of trip, destination locality etc.
You can discover deals daily on Booking.com that can help you to save big bucks on your next booking of a hotel room, apartment, home, hostel or villa from the 27 million options across the globe. These deals are available for all types of accommodations starting from motels to luxury suites.

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If bundle packages are your thing Orbitz is just the right hotel booking app for you. It claims to be the best service provider for bundling your travel. The app allows you several customisations of your choices when you opt for package deals. So you can plan your holiday packages with not only hotel rooms but cars, activities etc.
Apart from booking hotels Orbitz also provides flight tickets, tickets for local attractions, cars, tickets for cruises, offers booking for airport shuttles and more. Its advance filters make the search process very simple and targeted and can be sorted according to locations, amenities, and price.
One of the most profitable benefits of Orbitz is that it offers last-minute hotel bookings along with free cancellations. Joining the Orbitz rewards will help users earn Orbucks which can be used to on hotel booking and flight tickets for discounts. The Orbucks can be instantly redeemed without any fuss.

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Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors is a well-known brand. It’s now one of the leading hotel booking apps on both the App Store and Play Store. It offers people with several famous accommodation options across the globe including Hilton Garden Inn, Double Tree by Hilton, Motto by Hilton, LXR Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels, and Resorts and many more.
You can opt to be a member of the Hilton Honors group to avail of low prices at over 5,700 hotels when you book directly along with reward points that can be redeemed for free nights at the hotels.
Hilton Honors offers a wide range of attractive features that keep travellers wanting more. Some of them include choosing your room from a hotel floor plan, checking in and out directly from the app instead of the front desk, using your electronic device as your room’s access key and viewing and managing your reservations at one place.

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So go ahead and download one or more of these excellent hotels booking app to enjoy heavy discounts on your next vacation. Happy holiday planning!