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Google Allo — smart messaging

The instant messaging is becoming smart

There are many app to discuss instantly with your friends, without using SMS.
However Google Allo has the particularity to be a smart app that answers to your questions, respond to your needs and avoid going back and forth between different apps, thanks to Google Assistant.

Google Allo characteristics

- instant messaging
- file sharing
- group discussion
- suggested answers
- available on Android and iOS
- Google Assistant answers to your questions
- free of charge
- incognito mode for encrypted and protected conversations
- original stickers adapted to each situation, to spice up your conversation
- you can modify the size of the text

Smart and evolving instant messaging

Allo instant messaging innovates by offering an evolving app. Available on iOS and Android, it allows you to keep in touch with all your friends.
During your conversations, Allo will suggest some answers adapted to the messages you received. The advantage is that it is « intelligent », it learns more and more with your exchanges to offer the best answers.
With Allo, no need to write in capital to shout. Thanks to the touch-screen, you can modify the size of your text, make it smaller or bigger.
If you want to encrypt a conversation, you can decide to program the suppression of a conversation from 5 seconds to 5 weeks.

Google Assistant to help you and to save time

Allo’s novelty is the presence of Google Assistant. A precious help to save time. You can use it while in a conversation with your friends to ask, for example, what are the movies projected tonight. To do it nothing is easier, post @google and your question. The AI will display the results directly in the conversation. It avoids you the task of going back-and-forth between different apps.
You can also directly ask the assistant about several things (where to hang out, which restaurants are nearby, etc.). Google Assistant can send you on a daily basis some information : the weather, the news, poems, fun facts and even jokes.

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